the plant pill podcast

The Podcast that interviews a community of thought leaders driving conversations around sustainability and purpose in business. With each conversation, each guest is taken beyond career journeys to share the self-development decisions that inspire a healthy, growth minded lifestyle and successful business. Browse the latest episodes on Spotify and Itunes. 

I just love how honest and transparent this podcast is! Tash helps guide the conversation from the roots of the company and what sustainability means to each individual to how the brand is positively impacting the community around us. It’s very inspiring to listen to Tash along with other fearless leaders she interviews. I highly recommend this podcast! It’s definitely a great listen and very educational.

"so authentic & real"

Cheena O

Such an amazing podcast about sustainability and entrepreneurship! The host asks a lot of deep and thought-provoking questions. I learned a lot and can’t wait to listen to the next episode. Also, l love her voice... it’s very soothing and calming. Take a listen!



The plant pill podcast is an awesome resource if you are looking at starting a brand or simply curious what the current sustainability industry looks like, and looking for inspiration or what you can do to contribute to it. Lots of incredible brand founders who share insights on building their businesses, and really good advice they wish they knew when they started. On top of that, the plant pill is educational and empowering. Breaking down the stigma of what sustainability really means. I would 5/5 stars recommend!